Southwest Black Art Show 2018
The African American Museum presents the 11th annual art fair featuring some of the best black international artists coming to Fair Park, Dallas, Texas between April 6 - 8, 2018. ...

SAFE ZONES Feb. 4, 2017
THEME: Safe Zones COST: FREE PLACE: Southside on Lamar inside the Janette Kennedy Gallery EXPECT: Great art, music, and insightful interactive chatting
TIME: 6 pm to 9 pm at Janette Kennedy Gallery inside of Southside of Lamar. Join host Renata Cathey ... read more

FREE PEOPLE January 7, 2017
PURPOSE: Art Exhibition and Fashion Show COST: $25.00 PLACE: Southside on Lamar inside the Janette Kennedy Gallery EXPECT: Art by 8 artists, fashion by 4 designers, interactive vendors, and a lounge DJ.
TIME: 7 pm to 11:30 pm

Nychelle Elise, a R.A.T.S. ...

Free People Jan 7, 2017Nychelle Elise is a R.A.T.S. member and the creative founder of Urban Chatter, a wildly popular facebook interface having over 30,000 members. On this night, Urban Chatter demonstrates and installs a living example of Free People in their natural state for all to see. Fusion Art Dallas, the official R.A.T.S. external coworking group, were asked to provide structural and organizational support for the activity which is often a necessary to achieve successful membership objectrives. Urban Chatter successfully worked in conjunction with the over a dozen artists to create a popup coworking activity that exhibits, sells, and trades their "Free People" themed artworks and fluxus corporeal visuals. Other creatives involved in the coworking fluxus participating in the moving art installation were fashion designers, models, bloggers, and interviewers. An ending objective was to embody in one place through coworking some different definitions of Free People to juxtapose the negative images found in the politics that highlight psychology, physiology, and criminology.

INDUSTRY NIGHT: Dec 17, 2016
THEME: Performing Arts Industry Nite COST: $5 at door PLACE: RAT Studio, EXPECT: Open mic, live vocals, and toy drive
TIME: 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm at RAT Studio. Join host Keke Perez and host Taylor Morgan for a night of networking and more Imagine ...

Vendors and Musicians Industry Night (Post Recap 1): Dec 17, 2016Keke Perez, musical and business member of R.A.T.S.. is a vocal trainer and performer that has introduced young singing professionals for many years to the musical delicacies of vocal perfection. Her activities like this one represent the pure and wonderous coworking of twenty-four local hand crafting artisans (not directly visible in video) and vocal gymnasts conferencing, discussing, and searching for successful ways of unifying business modes of expression for future collective gatherings.